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swine flu HOMOEO preventive care interview by DR.A.K.Raju (SRI SAI HOMEO CLINIC):


Blood Sugar & Thyroid Problems

These are the special products prepared

Diamell / DiagoldDiamell :   Homoeo herbal Tablets + Drops ( 1 set ) Monthly Course . Diagold :   Homoeo herbal Tablets These homoeo herbal medicines controls the excess glucose levels in the blood . Type – 1 [ or ] Type – 2 Diabetic patients can use along with the allopathic madicines for some time .when ever the glucose levels in the blood are gradually reducing the patient should reduce the dose of allopathic medicines. After sometime the Type-2 Diabetic Patients can permanently stop the allopathic medicines. In the same time Type-1 Diabetic Patients should continue through out the life along with insuline. In both types of the Diabetic patients immunity will be increased and can have a healthy and peacefull life.


Thyrogold Homoeo herbal Tablets balances the Thyroxin levels in the blood and in the same time provides immunity to the patient. It controls the disfunctions of hypo,hyper,goitre of different stages of thyroid gland. Patient will be free from fatigue,Joint pains / stiffness ,overweight / underweight,metabolism and dipression…etc., and No side effects



Try to use the medicines atleast 3 to 6 months for all chronic diseases. If you are satisfied with the treatment consultthe doctor for further necessary treatment which is to be continued according the severity of the disease.
I hope you must satisfy under my treatment in the first 1 or 2 months.
Blood Sugar and Thyroid patients should continue treatment throughout the lifetime for beinga healthy man with good immunity .
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Pimples are mainly caused by food allergies,wheather allergy,face creams,powders,blood infections, sun radiations,Thyroid problems etc.,
Contact your doctor for the better advice.
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Thyroid problems are mainly due to tensions ,fast foods,food pollution, bad habits like smoking,drinking,chewing pans etc.,
Contact your doctor for the better advice.
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Diabetis problems are mainly due to tensions ,heridetary,Polluted food ,Irregular meals, Thyroid problems,bad habits like smoking, drinking,chewing pans etc.,
Contact your doctor for the better advice.
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Kidney Stones Patients should avoid dairy products,high calcium products,certain allopathic tablets like antacids,high protienus food , tomatos,leaf vegetables,beets..etc., Always patient should take sufficient water.

Contact your doctor for the better advice.

Dr.A.K.RAJU d.h.m.s


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